Class 6 - Lists and Registers

Currently maintained list and registers only.

Any publicly available register or list

(If any are held this should be publicised; in most circumstances existing access provisions will suffice).

Parish Councillors’ Declaration of Acceptance of Office.

Parish Councillors’ Declaration of Pencuniary Interests.

Assets Register

The Parish Council owns the following assets:

  • Chalk Pit

  • Village Hall (as Custodian Trustee)

  • Cemetery

  • * War Memorial

  • * Telephone kiosk (redundant - now book exchange)

  • * Bus Shelter

  • * Playground Equipment (recreation ground leased from John Lewis Partnership)

  • * 6 noticeboards (Roman Road, Windover crossroads, village hall, Charity Farm House, cemetery, war memorial green)

  • * 9 benches (3 on war memorial green, 3 in cemetery, 1 each on Salisbury Hill, recreational ground and The Bunny)

* indicates insured by Parish Council through Ecclesiastical Insurance (renewable September annually: 2017/18 premium £967.15, with 3 year LTA to 30th September 2020).  Brokers are Came & Company.

Disclosure Log

(indicating the information that has been provided in response to requests; recommended as good practice, but may not be held by parish councils)

No log held

Register of Members' Interests

As required by the Localism Act 2011, chapter 7, the parish council has adopted the new Ethical Code and registered its councillors’ Declarations of Pecuniary Interests.

Register of Gifts and Hospitality

Not applicable