Class 4 - How we make decisions

Decision making processes and records of decisions. Current and previous Council year as a minimum.

Timetable of Meetings - Council, any committee/sub-committee meetings and parish meetings

The Parish Council meets once a month except in August, on a Wednesday at 7.30 in the village hall.  There are no sub-committees.  Meetings to discuss planning applications involve the whole Council, or a quorum if not all are available.  An attendance of a minimum 3 members constitutes a quorum at any meeting (Local Council Administration 7th edition, article 7.8).  Meeting dates for the following year are agreed at the October meeting.

Dates in 2016 are:  20th January, (no February meeting this year), 16th March, 13th April (7pm Annual Parish Assembly), 11th May (AGM), 15th June, 12th July (Tuesday), 14th September, 12th  October, 16th November, 14th December.

Agenda of Meetings - (as above)

An agenda for each meeting is sent by email to each Councillor not less than 3 working days ahead of each meeting and a copy is displayed on all 4 noticeboards in the village one week in advance.

Minutes of Meetings - (as above)

Within 10 days of each meeting minutes are e-mailed to all councillors.  Until October 2010 they were also copied by hand into the Minute Book before the subsequent meeting.  In November 2010 it was decided to discontinue the hand-written Minute Book and retain the fair copy of Minutes in typed form, with the intention of having them bound in due course.  Extracts of Minutes are obtainable from the Clerk, excluding information that is properly regarded as private to the meeting.  A resume of main points arising at each meeting can be viewed on the village website,, click on ‘Parish Council’.

Reports presented to Council meetings

Copies of reports presented to council meetings are obtainable from the Clerk but would exclude information that is properly regarded as private to the meeting.  The following reports are held:

    RHE's "Affordable Housing for Local People, Longstock" (25th OCtober 2004)

    TVRHA's presentation on land adjacent to Test Valley School for possible housing development (29th May 2009)

    RHE's "Appraisal of possible rural exception sites for affordable housing: Longstock" (14th November 2011)

    TVBC's response to RHE's 14th November 2011 Appraisal (24th January 2012)

    David Wilson Homes plans for 46 dwelling development on land to west of Test Valley School (December 2013) - plus supporting papers and comments on the plans (Decembr 2013 to May 2014)

Responses to consultation papers

Responses made by the Parish Council to consultation documents from County or Borough Councils or other Authorities are obtainable from the Clerk.

Responses to planning applications

All planning applications (usually from the Borough Council) are examined by the Parish Council and written comment passed to the originating authority with or without a meeting on site.  Where a site meeting is involved the occupier and immediate neighbours will be informed of the Council's meeting.


The Parish Council has no bye-laws in the proper definition.  There are however regulations relating to the cemetery (last updated October 2009) that are displayed on the cemetery noticeboard and a copy can be obtained from the Clerk.