Class 1 - Who we are and what we do

Organisation Information, Structures, Locations and Contacts

A Parish Council of 7 Electors of the village, elected to serve for a term of 4 years by those named in the Longstock Electoral Register.  Each year in May one of the Councillors is elected Chairman.

In May 2015 elections, all seven councillors stood again; there were no other candidates and the seven named below were re-elected uncontested.

Who's who on the Council and its Committees

There are no committees but each Councillor has oversight of one or more tasks as follows:

Sophie Walters Chairman - also Playground & Website
David Burnfield Social Housing
Ivan Gibson Allotments, Cemetery and Tree Warden
Charles Grieve Footpaths and Transport
Becky Griffiths Test Valley School
John Milne Environment
Selina Musters Village Hall

Contact details for the Parish Clerk and Council members: Named contacts where possible with telephone number and email address (if used)

John Musters (Clerk) 01264 810459
Sophie Walters (Chairman) 07740 443460
David Burnfield 01264 810529
Ivan Gibson 01264 810002
Charles Grieve 01264 810580
Becky Griffiths 07803 923884
John Milne 07860 355647
Selina Musters 01264 810459

Location of main Council office and accessibility details

There is no council office.  All work is conducted from the Clerk’s home - Longstock Mill, SO20 6DL – accessible by vehicle and foot, but there is no special disabled access.  Contact by phone 01264 810459.

Staffing Structure

The Clerk is the only employee of the Parish Council at a (gross) fee of 2,000 a year (for FY 2017/2018)