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Longstock Parish Council Meeting Agenda
Monday 5th November 2018 in Longstock Village Hall
at 7:30pm

1. Apologies for Absence Clerk
2. Minutes of Meeting 8th October 2018 Chairman
3. Matters Arising:  
  Highways Clerk
  Henry Smith Charity Clerk
  Armistice Centenary Commemoration Cllr Grieve/Clerk
  Newsletter Chairman/Clerk
  Street Lighting Cllr Musters
4. Planning Clerk
  Test Lodge (rear 2-storey extension)  
  The Old Cart Shed (convert to separate dwelling)  
  Carbery House (replace roof tiles – LB application)  
  Trees (Lillie Cottage and opposite Mill Cottage)  
  Overstock House (demolish and rebuild)  
5. Finance Clerk
  Mid-Year Bank Reconciliation  
  Test Valley School Prize  
  Remembrance Sunday Wreath  
6. Councillors' Report (if not covered under other items):  
  Housing Cllr Burnfield
  Allotments, Cemetery and Trees Cllr Gibson
  Footpaths and Transport Cllr Grieve
  Test Valley School Cllr Griffiths
  Environment Cllr Milne
  Village Hall and Street Lights Cllr Musters
  Playground and Website Cllr Walters
  Leckford Estate Mr McIntyre
7. 2019 meeting dates Clerk
8. Correspondence Clerk
9. Any Other Business/Public Comment  
10. Date of Next Meeting Monday 3rd December 2018  
  Download the pdf version of the Longstock Parish Council Meeting Agenda  

Longstock Parish Council Meeting Minutes
(to be formally adopted by the Parish Council)
Monday 8th October 2018 in Longstock Village Hall


Cllr Sophie Walters (SW) - Chairman
Cllr David Burnfield (DB)
Cllr Ivan Gibson (IG)
Cllr Charles Grieve (CG)
Cllr Rebecca Griffiths (RG)
Cllr John Milne (JM)
Cllr Selina Musters (SM)

Clerk John Musters and no members of the public.

1. Apologies: Mr Colin McIntyre (CM) (Leckford Estate)  
2. Minutes of Meeting of 10th September 2018: Agreed for adoption and signed.  
3. Matters Arising:  
  Highways and Lengthsman: (1) A dozen “20 is Plenty” signs had arrived and were distributed for councillors to place strategically round the village.  (2)  JM said that one of the small carrier bridges on The Bunny had been knocked and some rails were down; clerk to report.  (3)  After further discussion about the wooden posts in the verge at Long Barn, Clerk would write to the owners asking them formally to remove them, or substitute them for reflective flexi-markers.  (4)  Lengthsman – on holiday in October, but November’s tasks would include replacing finger posts on paths 3 and 7, and cleaning the railings on the A30 river bridge. ACTION:
All, Clerk
  Henry Smith Charity:  The balance remaining at 30th September (year’s end) was £868.15, a higher figure than normal but it should not affect the full grant of £2,000 next year.  Clerk confirmed the visit on 6th November by consultants examining parishes’ governance and fund expenditure.  Chairman and clerk would meet her for discussions. ACTION:
  Newsletter.  Tim Nedas was editing the edition now due; the future beyond that remained unclear.  
  Armistice Centenary Commemoration.  (1)  Clerk had asked the police for ‘Slow’ signs as a traffic control measure during the 11th November ceremony and confirmed that Tim Nedas would again provide taped music.  (2)  DB hoped that Daisy Burnfield would be available to lay the parish council wreath; a piper would not be available.  (3)  CG confirmed arrangements with The Peat Spade after the ceremony.  (4)  Councillors modified the agreement reached at September’s meeting by agreeing to attach ‘car’ poppies to each of 13 telegraph posts (not lamp posts) throughout November to commemorate our 13 servicemen who died in WW1.  (5)  IG would investigate provision of tractor and trailer to take residents from Longstock to Stockbridge Down for the Centenary Beacon in the evening of 11th November. ACTION:
Cllrs Burnfield, Gibson, Grieve and Clerk
4. Planning Applications:

Barn Cottage (provide tennis court) – TVBC permission.
Test Lodge (form courtyard and two-storey rear extension) – with TVBC for decision. 
Carbery House (replace roof tiles – listed building application) – with TVBC for decision.
Old Cart Shed (convert to create separate dwelling) – with TVBC for decision
Lillie Cottage (fell apple tree) – PC no objection.
Land opposite Heron Cottages (remove overhanging bough) – PC no objection.

5. Finance: (a) At the mid-year point, clerk reported all on track against budget, with a current balance of £8,390.59.  Accounts would be going for interim/mid-year internal audit the following day.    (b)  Councillors unanimously approved £35 for our sponsored annual achievement prize at Test Valley School; and £100 for The Royal British Legion remembrance wreath. ACTION:
6. Councillors’ Reports  
  Affordable Housing: (DB). DB expected to join JM at the Hampshire Rural Affordable Housing conference at Littleton on 6th November; PC would pay for his ticket.  
  Allotments, Cemetery, Trees: (IG). It had been a good year in the allotments.  IG had cut the cemetery grass the previous weekend and said the hedges were in good order.  
  Footpaths and Transport: (CG). Councillors were pleased to hear that the landowner of path 6 had cut the sides, making it passable with ease.  
  Test Valley School: (RG). NTR  
  Environment.: (JM). He had looked at Winchester City Council’s gypsy and traveller site Development Plan Document and noted that the nearest site to here was Micheldever.  JM would not be able to attend TVBC’s Community Resilience workshop on 3rd November, but recommended it to anyone who could go.  He said that the bollard by the church lychgate had been knocked yet again and he had spoken with the culprit haulage company who were taking steps to have it repaired.  Following the recent leak from Leckford water pipes, CG asked whether written feedback could be provided after such events so that all knew how it had happened and what was being done to remedy the problem. . ACTION:
Mr McIntyre
  Village Hall: (SM). (1) Hall - NTR.  (2) Lighting – nothing to add to last month’s report, except that SM continued to be frustrated in her discussions.  Every question posed seemed to raise more questions, and more information was awaited before giving the final go-ahead to the firm agreed last time. ACTION:
Cllr Musters
  Playground and Website: (SW). SW would check on progress returning the rope barrier to its proper place.  She would discuss with new owners of Charity Farm House whether the stile should be removed from the fence onto the recreation ground; once decided work could begin on the expended carpark. ACTION:
  Leckford Estate: NTR  
7. 2019 Meeting Dates:  A decision was deferred to the November meeting.  
8. Correspondence: IIn addition to regular e-updates from HALC we had heard from: (a) TVBC, with results of 2018 Public Open Space audit; (b) HALC re AGM on 10th November, passed to all; (c) County Councillor, copying us in his exchange with a HCC colleague on search for solution to Broadband in Longstock; (d) HALC Village of The Year results, passed to all; (e) TVBC, with results of Community Governance Review, passed to all; (f)  Heads up from Stockbridge PC re change of Lengthsman next spring and whether we had any candidates; (g)  Police and Crime Commissioner road safety report, passed to all.  
9. Any Other Business/Public Comment: JM would not be able to attend the 3rd December meeting; and IG said he might be away on 5th November.  
10. Date of Next Meeting: Monday 5th November 2018 at 19:30  
  Cheques Signed:

074 - SSE Contracting - Street lights maintenance - £130.22
075 - SJ Musters - Reimburse ‘20 is Plenty’ signs - £15.99
076 - SSE - Street lights electric supply - £105.93
077 - Royal British Legion - Remembrance wreath and poppies - £100.00
078 - Test Valley School - Annual achievement prize - £35.00

  The Chairman closed the meeting at 21:15  
  Download the pdf version of the Longstock Parish Council Meeting Minutes