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Longstock Parish Council Meeting Agenda
Monday 19th June 2017 in Longstock Village Hall

1. Apologies for Absence Clerk
2. Minutes of Meeting 15th May 2017 Chairman
3. Matters Arising: Clerk
  Highways and Lengthsman Clerk
  Henry Smith Clerk
4. Planning Applications Clerk
  Land at Langtry House (erect single storey house in grounds)  
. Carbery House (reconstruct two external chimneys)  
  Drovers House (demolish and rebuild extension; part replace roof)  
  Barn Cottage (replacement extension; replacement ancillary building)  
  Leckford Estate land (tree works, inc by recreation ground)  
  Churchside Cottage (reduce holly and yew trees)  
5. Finance Clerk
6. Councillors’ Reports (if not covered under other Items):  
  Affordable Housing Cllr Burnfield
  Allotments, Cemetery and Trees Cllr Gibson
  Footpaths and Transport Cllr Grieve
  Test Valley School Cllr Griffiths
  Environment Cllr Milne
  Village Hall Cllr Musters
  Playground and Website Cllr Walters
7. Leckford Estate Mr McIntyre
8. Correspondence Clerk
9. Any Other Business and comment from the public  
  Date of Next Meeting:  Monday 24th July 2017  
  Download the pdf version of the Longstock Parish Council Annual General Meeting Agenda  

Longstock Parish Council Annual General Meeting Minutes
(to be formally adopted by the Parish Council)
Monday 15th May 2017 in Longstock Village Hall


Cllr Sophie Walters (SW) (Chairman)
Cllr David Burnfield (DB)
Cllr Charles Grieve (CG)
Cllr Rebecca Griffiths (RG)
Cllr John Milne (JM)
Cllr Selina Musters (SM)

Clerk John Musters, Mr Colin McIntyre (CM) (Leckford Estate)

1. Election of Chairman.  There being no other candidates, and SW being willing to stand again, JM proposed and DB seconded that Cllr Walters be elected chairman for the year.  This was supported unanimously by councillors, and she was duly re-elected.  Cllr Walters signed to declare her acceptance of office.  
2. Apologies.  Cllr Ivan Gibson (IG)  
3. Minutes of Meeting of 19th April 2017.  Agreed for adoption and signed.  
4. Matters Arising:  
  Highways. CM delighted councillors in saying that the drainage culverts in Church Road had been cleared.  There was nothing new to report on potholes or other highways issues – probably a ‘first’ for potholes, where our interventions seemed to be paying dividends.  
  Lengthsman.  Clerk confirmed that the scheme had been funded for a further year from this month, at £1,000 per parish. Starting in June, his work would include a degree of footpath maintenance; and he would be tasked early to strim round the Bunny bench. ACTION:
5. Declarations of Pecuniary Interest.  Councillors completed the annual review of their 2015 Declarations; one change was made by Cllr Grieve to reflect his employment as ‘retired’.  Clerk to e-mail the results to TVBC. ACTION:
6. Review of Cemetery Regulations.  The Regulations and Table of Fees were reviewed and no change made to the latter.  Paragraph 2 of the Regulations was amplified to make it clear that the Burial Authority (Parish Council) was the final arbiter in deciding entitlement to burial.  Councillors agreed that a copy of the Regulations and Table of Fees should in future be sent to each applicant for a burial, who would be required to sign and return the form agreeing the terms and conditions before approval for burial was given.  Updated copies of the Regulations and Table of Fees would be sent to local funeral directors. ACTION:
7. Correspondence. In addition to regular e-updates from HALC we had heard from: (a) Hampshire Constabulary, with Communities Priority Survey to complete online – copy e-mailed to councillors to submit individually. (b) Hampshire Access Team, with latest newsletter – copied to CG.  (c) CPRE, following recent presentation in Stockbridge town hall on fracking – copied to councillors. (d) CPRE, with report on impact of CPRE volunteers in Hampshire – copied to JM.  (e) TVBC, confirming they were “going down the prosecution route” re the illegal site by A3057 roundabout following failure to comply with the eviction notice.  (f) TVBC Community Engagement Officer, asking if she might attend a meeting to describe the Community Planning Toolkit if Longstock goes ahead with a Neighbourhood Plan. (g)  TVBC re annual Civic Service in Romsey Abbey 11th June.  (h)  Various exchanges on Broadband provision in Longstock (Chairman, DB, SM, County Councillor and Head of Leckford). ACTION:
8. Finance. (1) The internal audit of accounts had been completed and councillors agreed unanimously on the same remuneration as last year of £45.  Accounts would be available for public inspection for 30 working days (6th June to 17th July).  (2)  Henry Smith – councillors agreed to offer a trip to either Middle Wallop museum or Longstock water gardens as an outing for pensioners this summer.  Clerk to call for names in the newsletter. ACTION:
All, Clerk
9. Councillors’ Reports.  
  Affordable Housing: (DB). There had been no word yet from the Rural Housing Enabler with planners’ thoughts on potential sites.  
  Allotments, Cemetery, Trees: (IG). NTR  
  Footpaths and Transport: (CG). CG reported that HCC Access Team was seeking volunteers to work on footpaths.  
  Test Valley School: (RG).  NTR. Chairman had mentioned the school’s possible involvement in this year’s Stockbridge Christmas event and got a very positive reaction from the Head Teacher.  
  Environment.: (JM). JM remarked that the grass area round the Bunny bench badly needed strimming; and that the salting box was smothered in brambles that would need clearing.  Clerk would get the lengthsman onto it. ACTION:
  Village Hall: (SM). SM reported on the recent AGM of the village hall and had sent in brief details for the Newsletter.  
  Playground and Website: (SW). The playground annual RoSPA inspection was due again.  Councillors agreed to accept the TVBC quote of £470 + VAT to repair the broken zipwire ‘launch’ ramp.  On parking, she briefed councillors on the latest exchanges between the Estate as landowners, us as leaseholders and the owner of Charity Farm House on overflow parking at the recreation ground. ACTION:
  Leckford Estate: CM welcomed the recent rain, just in time for their crops after a spring drought.  He mentioned the Open Farm Sunday on 11th June.  
10. Planning Applications.

Land at Langtry House (erect single storey house in grounds; resubmission) – referred by Northern Area Planning Committee to Planning Control Committee in June, with recommendation for approval.  CG was thanked for representing the parish council at the NAPC and applauded for his comprehensive report.
Land at Little Manor (demolish existing; erect replacement two storey dwelling) – TVBC permission.
Test View Cottage (part remove internal wall) – TVBC consent.
Carnesure House (fell 10 willows) – TVBC no objection.
4 Hillside Cottages (fell two plum trees) – TVBC no objection.
Carbery House (reconstruct two external chimneys) – with TVBC for consideration
Drovers House (demolish and rebuild extension; part replace roof) – PC support.
Barn Cottage (1) (internal works, plus replacement of extension and car port) – revised application with TVBC for consideration.  (2)  (demolish and replace ancillary building) – PC objection.

11. Any Other Business/Public Comment. DB would attend the next TVAPTC meeting this month.  
12. Date of Next Meeting.  Monday 19th June 2017..  
  Cheques Signed:

1026 - Test Valley School - Test Valley Challenge sponsorship (S137) - £100.00
1027 - HPFA - Annual playing fields association sub - £40.00
1028 - APR Coates - Internal audit fee - £45.00

  The Chairman closed the meeting at 21:15.  
  Download the pdf version of the Longstock Parish Council Annual General Meeting Minutes