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Longstock Parish Council Meeting Agenda
Monday 14th January 201 in Longstock Village Hall at 7:30pm

1. Apologies for Absence Clerk
2. Minutes of Meeting 3rd December Chairman
3. Matters Arising:  
  Highways & Lengthsman Clerk
  Meritorious Work Award Cllr Grieve
  Newsletter update Cllr Musters
  Henry Smith – including annual lunch Clerk
4. Planning Applications Clerk
  Test Lodge  
  Carbery House  
  Overstock House  
  Barn Cottage  
5. Finance Report Clerk
  Q3 Reconciliation  
6. Parish Council Elections 2019 Clerk
7. Councillors’ Reports (if not covered under other Items):  
  Affordable Housing Cllr Burnfield
  Allotments, Cemetery & Trees Cllr Gibson
  Footpaths Cllr Grieve
  Test Valley School Cllr Griffiths
  Environment Cllr Milne
  Village Hall & Street Lights Cllr Musters
  Playground & Website Cllr Walters
  Leckford Estate Mr McIntyre
8. Clerk handover arrangements Clerk
9. Correspondence Clerk
10. Any Other Business/Comment from the public.  
11. Date of Next Meeting - Monday 11th February 2019  
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Longstock Parish Council Meeting Minutes
(to be formally adopted by the Parish Council)
Monday 3rd December 2018 in Longstock Village Hall


Cllr Sophie Walters (SW) - Chairman
Cllr David Burnfield (DB)
Cllr Ivan Gibson (IG)
Cllr Charles Grieve (CG)
Cllr Rebecca Griffiths (RG)
Cllr Selina Musters (SM)

Clerk John Musters, Mr Colin McIntyre (CM) (Leckford Estate), Borough Councillor Peter Boulton and Mr Mark Flewitt.

Chairman welcomed Cllr Peter Boulton and Mark Flewitt, the latter being the probable successor clerk.

1. Apologies: Cllr John Milne (JM) and County Councillor Andrew Gibson.  
2. Minutes of Meeting of 5th November 2018: Agreed for adoption and signed.  
3. Matters Arising:  
  Highways and Lengthsman: (1) A reply was awaited from the highways engineer about re-surfacing The Bunny following last month’s Budget provision for pothole repairs. (2)  Lengthsman‘s work this month would only be clearing vegetation from the posts on path 7. ACTION:
Cllr Grieve, Clerk
  Henry Smith Charity:  The annual return accompanied by Governance statements had been accepted by the Charity and this year’s grant of £2,000 had been banked.  The balance now stood at £2,868.15. ACTION:
  Armistice Centenary Commemoration: Apart from an unfortunate hiccup with taped music the event had gone extremely well.  There was a larger gathering than in any recent year and, importantly, the crowd successfully prevented cars passing during the service.  Descendants of three of Longstock’s Fallen attended, two from WW1 and one from WW2, and they joined villagers afterwards in the Peat Spade for coffee.  The pub staff were thanked by councillors for their superb efforts dealing with the scrum with humour and patience.  It was reported that the minibus shuttle to Stockbridge Down for the Beacon in the evening worked well, making five journeys from St Peter’s Church.  Clerk would follow up a suggestion to load onto the website photographs and brief biographies of the thirteen killed in WW1 as a permanent memento. ACTION:
  Newsletter: After many vicissitudes Issue number 238 would be out this week.  SM was thanked warmly for stepping in to get the rough workings in a fit state to print.  It did call into question the wisdom of having a rota of ‘guest editors’, but now the programme is on a dedicated laptop the trial should have further time.  
  Street Lighting:  Confusion continued with some of the quoted costings, for which clarification had been awaited several weeks.  It was hoped to begin the replacement programme before the end of the financial year, but nothing could happen until all the figures had been finalised.  Clerk reported the results of his research into sources of income for the programme: (a) Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) monies accrued for Longstock could be used, but the total project would need to be at least £10K, so other ‘ambitions’ beyond the lights replacement would have to be found; moreover the next round of bids would not be adjudicated until December 2019 and work could not begin until that approval had been given, so it might be too late. (b) HCC and TVBC Councillor Community Funds could contribute, as could Community Asset Funds, both of which the clerk was investigating. ACTION:
Cllrs Musters, Clerk
4. Planning Applications:

Test Lodge (form courtyard and two-storey rear extension) – with TVBC for decision. 
Carbery House (replace roof tiles – listed building application) – with TVBC, awaiting ecology report. 
Overstock House (demolish existing house and replace) – TVBC permission. 
Barn Cottage (minor change to west window in scheme already approved) – PC no objection.
Land at Langtry House (minor variations to approved scheme for detached dwelling) – PC no objection
Oakferns (extensions to three sides of existing house, rebuild garage) – site meeting 8th December.

5. Finance: (a) 2019/2020 budget and Precept. In presenting the draft budget for next year, clerk compared the budget for current year with the Forecast of Outturn; the FOO suggested a starting figure in April 2019 of around £5,000.  The street lights replacement programme had not begun, but this financial cushion, with anticipated help from other sources, should enable the programme to go ahead.  He proposed no increase in Precept and proposed a budget for 2019/2020 that allowed for the street lights programme.  SW proposed, IG seconded accepting the budget; all agreed.  SM proposed, CG seconded retaining the Precept at £7,000; all agreed. ACTION:
6. Councillors’ Reports  
  Affordable Housing: (DB). DB reported on the CPRE Hampshire rural affordable housing conference that he and JM had attended.  
  Allotments, Cemetery, Trees: (IG). IG had cut the cemetery grass again and would do the hedges shortly.  He (endorsed by Mark Flewitt) said that there was one full and two half plots vacant in the allotments.  
  Footpaths and Transport: (CG). CG was happy to report that all signs and finger posts on all footpaths were now in place.  He had e-mailed the owner of path 12 to get it cut.  Mark Flewitt commented on the state of path 6, where cattle had got in and turned the narrow confines into a quagmire.  Chairman would phone/write to the owner of the cattle to have them properly fenced in. ACTION:
  Test Valley School: (RG). RG reported favourably on the presentation evening she had attended.  She warned that the school pool might have to close as its maintenance costs were excessive.  
  Environment.: (JM). NTR  
  Village Hall: (SM). (1) Hall – CG proposed a vote of thanks to the hall committee for agreeing to underwrite cost of replacing the street light by the hall.  (2) Street Lights – covered at 3e above.  
  Playground and Website: (SW). NTR.  CM would check whether the safety rope taken from the barrier had been recovered from the trees. ACTION:
Mr McIntyre
  Leckford Estate: (CM). CM reported on a busy time at the farm shop and nursery in the run up to Christmas and he thanked DB for his ‘security measures’ protecting their Christmas tree plantation.  
7. Borough Council:  PB said that the new indoor pool in Andover had opened and there was a possibility that the Magistrates’ Court could become a cultural centre.  
8. Longstocking of the Year:  CG led, as it was his initiative.  Not so much an annual award, he thought, but a way of recognising truly meritorious work or contributions to the community spread over time by individuals or a group.  What form the recognition would take was not discussed.  CG agreed to put some thoughts on paper for discussion next time. ACTION:
Cllr Grieve
9. Correspondence: In addition to regular e-updates from HALC, there had been: (a) TVBC’s draft Landscape Character Assessment, passed to all; (b) the power point slides of Police and Crime Commissioner’s presentation to HALC AGM, passed to all; (c) TVBC’s presentation slides from Community Resilience workshop, passed to all; (d) TVBC’s final report on Community Governance Review, passed to all.  
10. Any Other Business/Public Comment: Clerk relayed a message from County Councillor Andrew Gibson about Superfast Broadband, to the effect that BT had enabled the cabinet at Carbery crossroads.  This would give an option to Virgin Media and also mean that a simple fibre from the cabinet to the centre of Longstock would cover Longstock residents.  He would follow up with the HCC/BT team.  
11. Date of Next Meeting: Monday 14th January 2019 at 19:30  
  Cheques Signed:

080 - D Parkinson - Provision of laptop for newsletter - £80.00
081 - IR Gibson - Grasscutting/cemetery maintenance - £500.00

  The Chairman closed the meeting at 21:15  
  Download the pdf version of the Longstock Parish Council Meeting Minutes