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Longstock Parish Council Annual General Meeting Minutes
(to be formally adopted by the Parish Council)
Monday 18th september 2017 in Longstock Village Hall


Cllr Sophie Walters (SW) (Chairman)
Cllr David Burnfield (DB)
Cllr Ivan Gibson (IG)
Cllr Charles Grieve (CG)
Cllr Rebecca Griffiths (RG)
Cllr Selina Musters (SM)

Clerk John Musters, Mr Colin McIntyre (CM) (Leckford Estate), County Councillor Andrew Gibson, and four members of the public.

1. Apologies: Cllr John Milne (JM)  
2. Minutes of Meeting of 24th July 2017:  Agreed for adoption and signed.  
3. Matters Arising:  
  Highways and Lengthsman: (1) HCC had inspected the drain culverts in Church Road and agreed (3 August) that action was required.  Nothing more had been heard. (2) The Lengthsman would be tasked in October to install a new cemetery notice board, move the existing one from there to the wall by Upper Manor Farm and varnish the wooden notice boards at the cemetery, war memorial green and village hall (a task left over from August when it was too wet).  If the footpath finger posts were delivered in time, he would be tasked with erecting them (PMN: posts due for delivery 17th October). ACTION:
  Henry Smith Charity:  With only twelve days before the end of the grant year, £476.49 remained for disbursement if required.  Chairman said there was a potential applicant from the primary school and she had been chasing them too apply. ACTION:
Chairman, Clerk
  Recreation Ground Car Park:  Clerk had drafted a Design and Access statement for the expanded car park and had comment from Leckford Estate on that and sketches.  Comments would be included in the application and dispatched as soon as possible. ACTION:
4. Planning Applications:

Barn Cottage (amendments to approved plans for house and ancillary building) – PC no objection to changes to house; objection to changes to ancillary building. 
Land at Little Manor (construct garage with incidental accommodation over) – TVBC permission.
Windover Farm (siting/appearance of anaerobic digester plant) – TVBC prior approval.
Sindle Cottage (replace staircase, doors and windows) – PC no objection.
Recreation ground (tree works) – TVBC no objection.
Highfield (tree works) – TVBC no objection.  Braehead House (tree works) – TVBC no objection.
Fishmore House, Stockbridge (ex-Hunters Lodge) (erect garden store and garden room) – Longstock PC would comment, clerk collating inputs.

Following comments at the July meeting attended by our Borough Councillor, clerk was working on a letter to TVBC Planning Department on Longstock’s experiences with apparent inconsistencies in planning decisions.

5. Finance. (1) Audit 2016/2017.  The annual audit return had been approved without comment.  It can be viewed on the website and on notice boards.  (b) Annual insurance was due for renewal from 1st October.  Came & Co remained the brokers and recommended insurance this year through the Ecclesiastical Local Council scheme.  They had quoted £967.15 premium for a 3-year Long Term Agreement, which councillors accepted.  The rec ground shed was to be demolished and would be removed from the schedule (PMN: its removal does not affect the premium). ACTION:
6. Councillors’ Reports  
  Affordable Housing: (DB).  NTR  
  Allotments, Cemetery, Trees: (IG). (1) Allotments – IG reported a productive year.  Chairman thanked the committee for their invitation to the annual bbq.  (2) Cemetery – IG would tackle the hedges when the ground was drier and he asked Leckford to deal with their length of common hedge.  It was said that the geraniums planted in the centre bed and tended so well by Peter Moore had disappeared, assumed stolen.  CM said he could supply replacements at cost from the Estate, an offer which was gratefully accepted.. ACTION:
Cllr Gibson, Mr McIntyre
  Footpaths and Transport: (CG). Paths 1, 3, 6 and 12 had all been cut.  In reply to CG’s request last time, councillors agreed to place the Church Road byway/footpath sign at the point where the tarmac ends.  CG anticipated delivery of the finger posts and waymarks and confirmed that clerk would hold them until installed by the Lengthsman.  (PMN: delivery expected 17th October). ACTION:
All, Clerk
  Test Valley School: (RG). RG reported the GCSE results from the school, which were felt to be not as good as last year.  
  Environment.: (JM). NTR  
  Village Hall: (SM). NTR  
  Playground and Website: (SW). NTR  
  Leckford Estate: A new dairy manager had joined and the Estate was recruiting a new arable manager.  The harvest had been difficult in recent weather, and fruit yields would be down.  The Waitrose Open Day had attracted 16,000 visitors over three days, with lessons that would be studied before taking decisions on a repeat event.  
7. County Councillor:  County Councillor Andrew Gibson said he had made grants payments to several groups, including the Longstock Allotments.  He was pleased with the new footpath connecting Cottonworth with the Test Way.  He reported a fire that had broken out in HCC offices that day, but it was too early to speculate on cause or effects.  
8. Remembrance Sunday.  (a) CG confirmed that the Peat Spade had agreed in principle to provide the usual coffee and cakes after the commemoration to those attending the memorial.  They would also provide a curry lunch and CG would collect names.  A note would appear in the Newsletter.  (b)  Commenting on the deteriorated state of the war memorial, clerk said that he had asked two firms to quote to clean it, following a ‘poor’ assessment passed to us by the War Memorials Trust. ACTION:
Cllr Grieve, Clerk
9. Correspondence:  In addition to regular e-updates from HALC we had heard from: (a) HALC, re Health and Safety course at Eastleigh on 20th November; (b) HCC, with ‘News for Local Councils’ – passed to all; (c)  CPRE, re Neighbourhood Planning Conference at Sparsholt on 5th October; (d) TVBC, re Planning Workshop at Stockbridge on 4th October – one rep from each parish council, names to clerk asap; (e) HCC Police & Crime Panel, calling for inputs on traffic crime and associated nuisance – passed to councillors for individual comment; (f)  HCC, re responsibilities of riparian owners for ditch management – clerk had sent a notice for the newsletter; (g) TVBC, re Resilience Workshop at Romsey 21st October – suggested CG might go as sitting on both parish council and village hall committee; (h) TVBC note on SHELAAs – passed to all for landowners to confirm any sites to be promoted as having potential for development. ACTION:
10. Any Other Business/Public Comment: (a)  Clerk said that he and the Chairman would represent Longstock at HALC’s 70th anniversary celebration on 10th October.  (b)  DB again drew attention to the missing playground warning notice from opposite Moat Cottages.  Clerk to order a replacement.  (c) SM reported on a hugely successful fete, with attendance and takings at record levels.  She thanked all involved, and the Estate for their support.  From the public, Giles Burnfield thanked the council for all its work on behalf of the village; and Tim Nedas asked again for traffic speed to be monitored past Test Lodge, which was a speeding black spot.  Clerk to follow up. ACTION:
11. Date of Next Meeting:  Monday 16th October 2017 at 7:30pm  
  Cheques Signed:

034 - Bulpitt Print - Printing Newsletter 231 - £196.10
035 - TVBC - Playground repairs - £504.00
036 - I R Gibson - Grasscutting contract (Qtr 2) - £500.00
037 - NALC - LCR sub 2017 - £17.00

  The Chairman closed the meeting at 20:50  
  Download the pdf version of the Longstock Parish Council Annual General Meeting Minutes