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Longstock Parish Council Meeting Minutes
(to be formally adopted by the Parish Council)
Monday 5th February 2018 in Longstock Village Hall


Cllr Sophie Walter (SW) - Chairman
Cllr David Burnfield (DB)
Cllr Ivan Gibson (IG)
Cllr Charles Grieve (CG)
Cllr Rebecca Griffiths (RG)
Cllr Selina Musters (SM)

Clerk John Musters, Mr Colin McIntyre (CM) (Leckford Estate), Borough Councillor Peter Boulton (PB).

1. Apologies: Cllr John Milne (JM) and County Councillor Andrew Gibson  
2. Minutes of Meeting of 18th December 2017: With changes to paragraphs 7d and 7e agreed, minutes were adopted and signed.  
3. Matters Arising:  
  Highways and Lengthsman: (1) Clerk had had a productive meeting at The Bunny with Hampshire Highways Assistant Highway Engineer (AHE).  On drains, AHE had said the soakaway in Church Farm field that drained Church Road would be cleaned out this spring.  The rest of the drain line down to the corner by The Willows had a restricted flow due to the outfall at the sump by the centenary bench being blocked.  This was on parish land and Highways were not responsible.  Councillors accepted it was beyond the capacity of the Lengthsman to clear, and undertook to clear at least the point where the outfall came in so the drains would flow free.  (2)  AHE reviewed the state of the road surface of The Bunny and said that Highways were responsible not just for potholes on the paved area but the whole width from fence to fence, including therefore the ‘passing places’.  This was welcome news.  AHE said he would follow up any Hantsweb on-line report put in by the parish council as a result of these discussions.  (PMN:  clerk reported large pothole on west approach to Whiteshape bridge on-line, and general state of Bunny surface, and alerted AHE).  (3)  The police had reported further delay in deploying the speed data recorder requested last October for the narrows outside Test Lodge/Test View Cottage, and could not give a date.  (4)  Clerk had sent on-line report of damage to two warning signs outside Blue Ridge on approach to A30 junction.  (PMN:  he also reported a pothole in centre of the road at Carbery crossroads; and would alert Wherwell PC to holes on the Fullerton road from Longstock park).  (5)  DB said that many grit bins needed topping up and emptying of litter. (6) The Lengthsman had the two final footpath signs to erect in the spring on paths 7 and 12.  Clerk had heard that the Lengthsman scheme would continue for a further year from May. ACTION:
  Street lights replacement:  The SSE engineer had been ill, but he had said by e-mail that DW Windsor had not provided a price for matching brackets and lanterns to SSE requirements, so we were still awaiting the extra cost for preferred heritage lights with suitable brackets. Continues. ACTION:
Cllr Musters
  War Memorial: Councillors approved clerk’s draft notice for the Waitrose Community Matters Scheme for a contribution towards the memorial clean.  CM had accepted our bid for March, for which he was warmly thanked.  
  Community Governance Review:  All residents in Longstock had had a copy of Chairman’s letter and in addition she had spoken to many in the south end of the village who would be most impacted by any boundary change.  PB said that the Borough Council had been so impressed by Longstock’s initiative and by the depth of feeling that he could not conceive there would be any changes.  
4. Planning Applications:

Test Lodge (erect extension; various internal works) – application withdrawn.
Upper Manor Farm (1) (convert barn/garage into art gallery and office) – TVBC Listed Building consent. (2) (internal alterations in house, part retrospective, Listed Building consent required) – PC support.
Langtry House (erect detached two bedroom dwelling) – PC support.
Boundary Cottage (demolish and replace garage; part demolish and replace areas of house) – PC support.
Land by New Cottages (fell trees) – PC no objection.
Barn Cottage (replace ancillary building, link and extension; internal works and landscaping – amended scheme) – PC planning meeting to be arranged.

5. Finance: (a) The precept bid for £7,000 had been passed to TVBC. (b) The new cemetery notice board had been added to the insurance policy.  (c)  The 2017 VAT reclaim (£369.72) had been received.  
6. Councillors’ Reports  
  Affordable Housing: (DB). He (and Simon Borthwick for Leckford Estate) would attend the Sparsholt conference on 16th March on landowner advice for affordable exception sites.  
  Allotments, Cemetery, Trees: (IG). (1) (1) Allotments – further discussions were needed with the allotments chairman before a kestrel box was installed.  (2) Cemetery – the new notice board was in place.  A recent grave had sunk but had been topped up and well finished-off by the grave digger.  
  Footpaths and Transport: (CG). HCC had accepted our bid for the same priority footpath cutting regime as last year ACTION:
Cllr Grieve
  Test Valley School: (RG). NTR.  
  Environment.: (JM). In his absence, he had e-mailed praise for the Lengthsman’s work on The Bunny; re-iterated the need for overhanging hedges to be cut back throughout the village; and deplored the damage to the grass ‘triangle’ outside South Lodge.  His suggestion for a ‘Not suitable for HGVs’ sign on The Bunny was accepted by DB and CM provided it did not prevent access for their farm vehicles.  Clerk to discuss with Highways. ACTION:
  Village Hall: (SM). There was a problem with spare parts for wall heaters that SM was doing her best to resolve ACTION:
Cllr Musters
  Playground and Website: (SW). There were a few minor defects on playground equipment to be fixed by self-help.  
  Leckford Estate: CM asked whether the Estate could make use of the defibrillator at the village hall.  He was told yes in theory, but it might be too far from the scene of the incident to be useful in time.  
7. Borough Councillor:  PB said he was still concerned about our concerns re planning!  On the current issue of the application at Langtry House he knew the strong desire of the parish council to see permission granted on this fourth iteration of the plans and he would speak to the Case Officer to see what weight might be given to the objections from the Conservation Officer.  
8. General Data Protection Regulation.  The GDPR would come into effect 25th May and involve some changes to data handling etc.  The ICO were still writing detailed advice for small organisations and HALC was awaiting guidance on the role of the Data Protection Officer.  Clerk suggested that the DPO task would logically fall to him.  He would attend a HALC briefing day on 21st February. ACTION:,
9. Correspondence: In addition to regular e-updates from HALC we had heard from: (a) HCC re public consultation on Traveller DPD, passed to JM for info; (b) TVBC re Test Valley Resilience Forum on 17th March, passed to JM; (c)  HCC’s December News for Local Councils, passed to all; (d) Committee on Standards in Public Life review into local government ethical standards – HALC would respond with any inputs from parishes; (e)  TVBC, re Great British Spring Clean (community litter-pick 2nd – 4th March) – councillors were not keen on a large scale event but would take part individually and encourage others. ACTION:,
10. Any Other Business/Public Comment: Clerk said that TVBC had re-issued instructions about filling casual vacancies on parish councils, and that once an intention to stand down is stated in writing it takes effect immediately.  
11. Date of Next Meeting: Monday 12th March at 7.30 pm.  Councillors agreed to arrive at about 7 to set up tables and chairs for the next day’s Henry Smith lunch  
  Cheques Signed:

048 - SS - Street lights electricity supply - £74.79
049 - SSE Contracting - Street lights maintenance - £151.45

  The Chairman closed the meeting at 21:10  
  Download the pdf version of the Longstock Parish Council Meeting Minutes