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Useful Information    
Pre-Schools & Playgroups
Chilbolton Pre-School
Chilbolton Contact Details
Tel: 01962 760488
Sam Inglis: 07919 130777
Army Air Corp Pre-School
Middle Wallop
Tel: 01264 784381
Broughton Pre-School
Provides flexible hours for children aged 2 to 5 years and is run by qualified staff offering a range of quality resources that fulfill the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage.
Tel: 01794 301286 (School Hours)
Web: www.broughtonpreschool.com
Stockbridge Pre-School
Provides day care to children from 2.5 to 4 years.  The setting offers full day care run by experiences, well qualified staff.  The pre-school helps children made good progress in learning and development with a focus on structured learning through play (Ofsted). It is well equipped with a large outdoor area.
Tel: 01264 811772
The Wallops Pre-School
School Lane, Nether Wallop, Hampshire SO20 8EH.
A small group staffed by professionals, fully Ofsted registered, providing quality care and education for 2-4 year olds in the grounds of Wallop Primary School.
Contact: Sarah Hayward or Vee Notley
Tel: 01264 782051
Email: staff@thewallopspreschool.org
Sprat and Winkle Professional Childcare and Education
Test Valley based with 16 places, day care, pre-school, after school and hoiday care.
Contact: Jennie
Tel: 01264 860671
Web: www.spratandwinkle.co.uk
Littleton Playgroup
Provides day care facilities for 2 to 4 year olds.
Open: 8:30am to 12:15pm with flexible drop off

Contact: Carol Mortimer
Tel: 07765 916006
Web: www.littletonpreschool.com
Acorn Pre-School
A small rural pre-school with strong links to local primary schools.
Tel: 01794 342 441
Wallop Under 5s Playgroup
Mothers and tolddlers group meets on Fridays at Wallop Parish Hall.
Tel: 01264 781635
Water Meadow Children's Centre
Stockbridge Primary School
Hampshire SO20 6EJ
Tel: 01264 811089
Fax: 01264 810134
Email: water.meadow@childrenssociety.org.uk
Web: www.childrenssociety.org.uk
The Barn Nursery - Over Wallop
Small cosy nursey (maximum 6 children). 3 hour sessions. Many activities. Singing, dancing, messy art and craft, playing in the garden.
Contact: Willa Franks
Tel: 01264 782007 or 07831 368244
Email: willa@thefranksfamily.co.uk
The Sombornes Pre-School
For children aged 2 years to school age
Tel: 07530 893773
Web: www.thesombornespreschool.co.uk
Stockbridge Primary School
London Road, StockbridgeHampshire SO20 6EJ
Head Teacher: Mrs Emma Jeffries
Tel: 01264 810550
Email: adminoffice@stockbridge.hants.sch.uk
Test Valley Secondary School
Roman Road, Longstock, Stockbridge Hampshire SO20 6HA
Head Teacher: Miss L Hiscock
Web: www.test.valley@testvalley.hants.sch.uk
Tel: 01264 810555
Broughton Primary School
School Lane, Broughton Hampshire SO20 8AN
Head Teacher: Neil Hardy
Email: adminoffice@broughton.hants.sch.uk
Tel: 01794 301286
Kings Somborne CE Primary School
Nr Stockbridge, Kings Somborne Hampshire SO20 6PN
Head Teacher: Ms Julie Way
Tel: 01794 388381
Wallop Primary School
School Lane, Nether Wallop, Stockbridge Hampshire SO20 8EH
Head Teacher: Mr I Brown
Email: margaret.baxter@wallop.hants.sch.uk
Tel: 01264 781216
Wherwell Primary School
Wherwell, Andover Hampshire SP11 7JP
Head Teacher: Andy King
Tel: 01264 860384
Email: patsy.pritchard@wherwell.hants.sch.uk
Lockerley Church of England Primary School
Butts Green, Lockerley, Romsey SO51 0JG
Head Teacher: Jamie Dodson
Tel: 01794 340485
Web: www.lockerley.hants.sch.uk
Braishfield Primary School
Common Hill Road, Braishfield SO51 0QB
Head Teacher: Frances Hardy
Tel: 01794 340485
Web: www.braishfieldprimaryapps.com
Parish and Borough Councils
Hampshire County Council
The Castle, Winchester, So23 8UJ
Tel: 0845 603 5638
Test Valley Borough Council
Beech Hurst, Wehill Road, Andover, SP10 3AJ
Tel: 01264 368000
Andover War Memoral Hospital (No A&E)
Charlton Road, Andover
Hampshire SP10 3LB

Open 7 days a week for Minor Injuries.
Times: 8:30am to 9pm

Tel: 01264 358811
Longstock Parish Council
Sophie Walters, Chairman
Tel: 01264 810529
John Musters, Clerk
Tel: 01264 810459
Over Wallop Parish Couoncil
Linsay Murray-Twinn, Chairman
Tel: 01264 781497
Richard Waterman, Clerk
Tel: 01264 772460
Houghton Parish Council
P Page, Chairman
Tel: 01794 388612
B Baker, Clerk
Tel: 01794 301212
Broughton Parish Council
T Jenner, Chairman
Tel: 01794 301785
Ms S Holder, Clerk
Tel: 01794 340130
Leckford Parish Council
D B Gibbons, Chairman
Tel: 08453 499341
Chilbolton Parish Council
Alan Crisp, Chairman
Tel: 01264 860641
Mandy Amor, Clerk
Tel: 01264 860566
Kings Somborne Parish Council
John Werrett, Chairman
Tel: 01794 389311
Peter Storey, Clerk
Tel: 01794 389688
Little Somborne Parish Council
Mr F Hervey-Bathurst, Chairman
Tel: 01794 388594
Wherwell Parish Council
Mrs J Andrews, Chairman
Tel: 01264 860635
Mrs E Blakemore, Clerk
Tel: 01264 860385
Taxi Share
Car/Taxi Share
Run to a timetable but passengers need to book. Fares are similar to bus fares and over 60s can use their free bus pass if they have one.
Tel: 01962 846785
Web: www.hants.gov.uk/passengertransport
Stagecoach Buses
Mondays to Saturdays Only
No services on public holidays
For detailed timetables
Web: www.stagecoachbus.com/region_11.html
Traveline: 0871 200 2233

36 Service
Stockbridge - Winchester via West Dean, Lockerley, Dunbridge, Michelmersh, Romsey (Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and school days)
68 Service
Winchester - Stockbridge via Littleton, Crawley, Kings Somborne (Monday - Friday in school term time)
Wheelers Connect
No service on public holidays
16 Service
Salisbury/Houghton - Winchester via Stockbridge
Bus Service to Romsey
Stockbridge to Romsey, there is one journey each day allowing about 5 hours in Romsey. The orange bus, numbered W5, runs Monday to Friday, schooldays and school holidays; senior citizen tickets are accepted.
It leaves Roman Road bys bay at 9am, Stockbridge Church at 9:02am; it leaves Romsey bus station at 14:37pm, the railway station at 14:40pm getting to Stockbridge Church at 15:11 and Roman Road at 15:13.
Neighbourhood Watch
Longstock Neighbourhood Watch
Contact: Charles Grieve
Tel: 01264 810580
Crawley Neighbourhood Watch
Contact: Alison Carey
Email: alisonmc96@yahoo.com
Emergency Services
Emergency Only
Ambulance, Fire, Police)
Tel: 999
Non Emergency Medical Services
24 hours a dat, 7 days a week
Tel: 111
SCAS Community First Responders
Contact: Mandy Henley
Tel: 0800 587 0207
Electricity Emergency
24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Tel: 0845 770 8090
Gas Emergency
24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Tel: 0800 111 999
Water Emergency
24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Tel: 07776 277670
Reporting a Leak
Tel: 0800 820 999
Stockbridge Police (Non Emergency)
Stockbridge Police Station
Stockbridge Police Station is now closed
Tel: 0845 045 4544
Tel: 101
Andover Police
South Street, Andover, Hampshire SP10 2ED
Monday to Saturday: 9am to 6pm (closed 2pm to 3pm daily)
Sunday and Bank Holidays: 9:30am to 6pm
Surgeries and Chemists
Stockbridge Surgery
New Street, Stockbridge, Hampshire SO20 6HG
The surgery is open to patients on weekdays between the hours of 8:15am to 6:30pm. Closed between 12:45 and 13:45. Emergency called will be taken during lunchtime. In addition the surgery is open on a Saturday morning 8:30am to 12pm and alternate Monday and Wednesday between 6:30pm and 7:30pm. Appointments should be booked for the clinics. If there are any medical emergencies during their normal Monday to Friday working hours then please contact the surgery. Outside normal surgery hours please use the Out of Hours Service, weekdays, Monday to Friday 6:30pm to 8am. Weekends, Friday 6:30pm to 8am Monday morning. Service is also available on bank holidays.
Tel (Surgery Hours): 01264 810524
Tel (District Nurse): 01962 893560
Tel (Health Visitor): 01962 763970
Web: www.stockbridgesurgery.co.uk

Out of Hours:
Te;: 01962 718697 (Weekdays Monday to Friday evening 6:30pm - 8:00am, Weekends Friday evening to Monday 6:30pm - 08:00am)

Service also available on Bak Holidays

Broughton Surgery
Tel: 01794 301210
Email: mh.stockbridge@nhs.net
Stockbridge Pharmacy
High Street, Stockbridge Hampshire SO20 8EX
Open 6 days a week, 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 5pm Saturday with 1hour for lunch closing each day between 1pm and 2pm
Tel: 01264 810624
Web: www.stpharmacy@lealhealthcare.co.uk
Stockbridge Osteopathic Practice
Osteopathy and Cranial Osteopathy.
Tel: 01264 810028
Web: www.stockbridgeosteopathicpractice.com
Cancer Support Centre
Offering free, non-clinical support to anyone affected by cancer. Visit them on 2nd Floor, 68 St George's Street, Winchester. Chat to a trained befriender, try a complementary therapy or use their professional counselling service. Open Monday to Thursday 10:00am 04:30pm.
Tel: 01962 868576
Email: winchester@wessexcancer.org
River Dental, Stockbridge
Tel: 01264 810818
Web: http://river.dental/
Royal Hampshire County Hospital
Winchester, Hampshire
Tel: 01962 863535
Romsey Hospital (No A&E)
Winchester Hill, Romsey
Hampshire SO51 7ZA
Tel: 01794 834700
Andover War Memoral Hospital (No A&E
Charlton Road, Andover
Hampshire SP10 3LB

Open 7 days a week for Minor Injuries.
Times: 8:30am to 9pm

Tel: 01264 358811
Other Local Services
Flood Warning SYStem
Sign up for flood alerts and warnings from the Government Agency
Tel: 0845 988 1188
Chilbolton Flood Advisory Committee
Moya Grove
Tel: 01264 860411
Graham Kelly
Tel: 01264 861020
Shopping Bus
Over 60 and buss pass holders. Dial-a-Ride (Joyrides) runs through Longstock on Wednesdays at 9:30am returning at noon.
Call 01264 356808 to register
Contact: John 01264 810459 or Dane 01264 810839
Cruse Bereavement Care
Offer help and support to those who have been bereaved
Tel: 01264 336006 (Helpline)
Community Halls
Longstock Village Hall
Has fully equiped kitchen, with plages, glasses, cutlery etc.
Q Build staging frames and flats
Badminton net and posts
Village Resident:
Whole Hall Village Rate Per Hour: £12.00
Main Hall Village Rate Per Hour: £10.00
Committee Room Only Village Rate Per Hour: £6.00
Badminton Village Rate Per Hour: £7.50
Weddings (48 hours flat rate midday Friday to Mid day Sunday) Rate: £300:00
Non Village Resident:
Whole Hall Rate Per Hour: £22.00
Main Hall Rate Per Hour: £17.00
Committee Room Only Rate Per Hour: £9.00
Badminton Rate Per Hour: £8.00
Weddings (48 hours flat rate midday Friday to Mid day Sunday) Rate: £500.00
Contact: Selina Musters musters358@btinternet.com
Stockbridge Town Hall
High Street, Stockbridge, Hampshire
Has a kitchen area and an entertainment licence. Now with a lift to the Upper Hall. Bookings may be made on our website.

Tel: 07770 297175
Web: www.stockbridgetownhall.co.uk
Houghton Village Hall
Hall has a kitchen area, public entertainment licence and disabled access. 12 parking spaces.
Tel: 01794 388008
King's Somborne Village Hall
The hall is situated in the centre of the village alongside the recreation ground. The main hall, which seats over 100 people, has a large fixed stage with a proscenium arch and a built in sound system. The hall has a newly fitted kitch with a serving hatch to the main hall. The recently refurbished committee room is suitable for 12 to 14 people. Parking for 40 vehicles.
Tel: 01794 388009
Email: vhbookings@thesombornes.org.uk
Web:: www.thesombornes.org.uk/villagehall
Over Wallop Church Hall
In the centre of the village. The hall can seat 50 people. Kitchen and car parking.
Tel: 01264 782676
Broughton Village Hall
Situated in the centre of the village, the purpose built hall has an extensive grassed area at the rear which is used for outdoor activities and overflow parking. Suitable for weddings, dances and lectures as well as public and private meetings. Ample parking. main hall has seating capacity for 120 and for catered functions 100. Two meeting rooms, one will hold 40 people and the other 20. Holds entertainment licence. Has fully equiped kitchen together with a bar and winged stage. Projector, screen and sound equipment is available.
Contact: Faye
Tel: 0844 800 8864
Email: villagehall@broughton-hants.net
Goodworth Clatford Village Hall
The hall can cater for 100 people or 80 seated at tables. There is a full size snooker table. Fully fitted kitchen, sound system and parking. Clun is in large grounds with 3 gazebos and backing onto the river, a barbeque is available for hire.
Contact: Steve Allan
Tel: 01264 364005
Wallops Parish Hall
At Middle Wallop crossroads. Refurbished kitchen, disabled access and car parking. Large hall seats 150, small hall/meeting room seats 45. Entertainment licence.
Tel: 01264 783474
Web: www.thewallops.net
Chilbolton Village Hall
Eastman's Field, Chilbolton, SO20 6AT Hampshire
The hall can provide for a maximum of 125 people seated. Spacious well lit car park. Good sound system is installed. Good size equipped kitchen. Large patio overlooks fields to the rear.

Contact: Andy Morris
Tel: 01264 783474

Sparsholt Memorial Hall
Woodman Lane, Sparsholt, SO21 2NR
Main hall seats 140. Meeting room seats 25. Grand piano, portable stage and parking.

Tel: 01962 776129
Crawley Village Hall
Can seat 100 epople. Has an entertainment licence. Bookings can be made via website.
Tel: 01962 776518
Web: www.crawleyvillagehall.co.uk
Wherwell Village Hall
Situated in Church Street. Seating for 120. Fully equiped kitchen. Car park for 20 cars in addition to off-street parking. Separate bar area off main hall. Winged stage with back stage dressing rooms and WC.
Contact: Julie Dickenson
Tel: 01264 861494
Littleton Village Hall
The Millennium Memorial Hall was built in 1999 and comprises a Main Hall with a maximum capacity of 200, a meeting room with a maximum capacity of 36, a fully equiped kitchen and a light airy foyer also a sound induction loop and Wifi connection.
Contact: Hall Manager
Tel: 01962 888419
Email: littletonhall@hotmail.co.uk
Kent Hill Scout and Community Hall Stockbridge
Situated behind the Grosvenor Hotel. Seating and catering facilities available for up to 50 people.
Tel: 01264 810658
Web: www.stockbridgescouts.org (select New Hall option)

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